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Civil suit

Donald McGuire: Abusive Priest Had Local Connection "Examining" Boy in St. CharlesBy Chad Garrison, Mon., Apr. 4 2011 @ 2:53PM Comments (3) Categories: Gettin' All Religious Up in Here, News, See You in Court!
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Fr. Donald McGuire
A civil suit filed last week in Chicago captured headlines across the nation and brought up more allegations of sexual abuse within the Catholic Church, including an incident occurring in Missouri in 1999.

Eighty-year-old Father Donald McGuire, a popular camp director and former spiritual adviser to Mother Theresa, has been serving a 25-year federal sentence since 2008 on charges of molesting minors over a period spanning four decades. The civil suit filed last Monday includes 65 new documents that plaintiff attorneys believe will show that Jesuit officials in Chicago ignored and kept hidden McGuire's sexual abuse despite dozens of warnings about the priest.

One incident involving McGuire occurred in the summer of 1999 when McGuire allegedly brought a 13-year-old boy with him to St. Charles while recovering from hip surgery. Below is part of an affidavit from a Homeland Security Officer investigating that incident.

Warning: It gets pretty strange.

Victim A stated that one of the early trips was to Missouri, where McGUIRE, Victim A, and some others stayed at the home of a physician who was treating McGUIRE after a surgery. While in Missouri, McGUIRE required Victim A to participate in a "general confession," covering his entire life up to that point.

During Victim A's confession, Victim A stated that he had engaged in masturbation. McGUIRE asked Victim A if he had done any harm to himself, and told Victim A that McGUIRE would have to inspect Victim A's penis in order to determine whether Victim A had harmed himself.

After the confession, McGUIRE took Victim A to McGUIRE's room and locked the door. McGUIRE had Victim A remove Victim A's clothes. McGUIRE told Victim A words to the effect of, he had "developed nicely," and used a magnifying glass to examine Victim A's penis. McGUIRE then sprayed the inside of Victim A's penis with baby oil, telling Victim A that this was so that McGUIRE could better tell if there had been any "damage" from the masturbation.

Victim A stated that after what happened in Missouri, McGUIRE's sexual abuse
continued to escalate. Over time, the sexual abuse included discussion of sexual topics, McGUIRE's purchasing and showing various forms of pornography to Victim A, McGUIRE's "massages" of Victim A's body and genitalia with various oils, McGUIRE's requiring Victim A to "massage" McGUIRE's body and genitalia with various oils, McGUIRE's requiring Victim A to shower with McGUIRE, McGUIRE's digital penetration of Victim A's anus, and McGUIRE's performing oral sex on Victim A. Victim A stated that McGUIRE engaged in some combination of these activities with Victim A practically every night between approximately May or June 1999 and August 2003, when the two were together.

The affidavit continues that after many years of allowing McGuire to stay in his home, the Missouri physician asked him to leave "primarily because he believed that McGUIRE was exercising inappropriate control over Victim A."

Read the entire affidavit here and more about McGuire at the site Bishop Accountability.

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