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Chileans believe that the Catholic Church covers up sexual abuseSantiago : Chile | Apr 04, 2011 By faraway 1
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Rate This PostToo Brief No Substance Poor Grammar & Spelling A survey conducted by the Chilean press pointed out that 88% of Chileans believe that the Catholic Church hid information about alleged sexual abuse by priests.

The survey, sponsored by the newspaper "La Tercera", also indicates that 74% of citizens believe that the Vatican did not respond adequately to complaints of abuses attributed to priests.

The assessment comes after Father Fernando Karadimas, one of the most influential of Chile in the 1980s, became responsible for seven complaints of sexual abuse and bribery of witnesses.

Karadimas denies the charges. He drove the Union of Priests of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, whose goal is "to form a spiritual bond in prayer and charity among the members. "

The survey reveals that only 10% of respondents believe that the Church did not attempt to hide cases.

The auxiliary bishop of Santiago, Cristian Contreras admitted that the Church's credibility is low and added that recognize these facts is a first element to come out "of the crisis.

Contreras declined to comment on statements by Cardinal Jorge Medina, who said, referring to the complainants of abuse allegedly committed by Karadimas, a 17 year old knows what he does.

The research, which has a confidence level of 95%, also questioned the Church's image for the Chileans. In this context, 24% of respondents classified as good, 32% as regular, and 21% as bad.

Furthermore, 59% of people believe that the Catholic Church has worsened over the years and 80% said confidence in the institution declined.

The AssemblyThe Assembly of Bishops of Chile, which begins on Monday, will discuss this topic

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